President Trump and Melania entered Mar-a-Lago with former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and his wife, Apoorva.

Video footage of the two couples entering Mar-a-Lago together has intensified rumors that Ramaswamy will be Donald Trump’s running mate.


Collin Rugg writes:

Vivek Ramaswamy spotted at Mar-a-Lago with Donald Trump as VP rumors continue to heat up.

The development comes just 1 week after the New York Times suggested Vivek would be Trump’s VP pick.

“If you’re Trump, you think — no, you know — that your greatest asset is your supreme, inimitable, undiluted Trumpness, so you want a second serving of that, a force multiplier of it, a walking, talking tribute to, emulation of and genuflection before it,” opinion writer Frank Bruni said.

“You want Vivek Ramaswamy.”

At the Trumpette event Saturday night, Trump called Ramaswamy onto the stage:

At the ‘Golden Evening for a Golden President’ event at Mar a Lago tonight, Vivek Ramaswamy was introduced by President Trump when Trump realized he was at the event. They go well together. Electric energy when Trump and Vivek are together. I’m a big fan of this duo,” investigative journalist Laura Loomer commented.


X users commented on the speculation of Ramaswamy being Trump’s VP pick:

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