Thoughts on the first GOP Presidential Primary Debate by Patty of 100% FED Up!

There are a lot of FOX News fans who have been clinging to FOX for their “fair and balanced” news like a beacon of light in a storm since 9-11. I know I found myself scratching my head over the behavior of Fox News hosts, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier (I never expected Chris Wallace to be fair or balanced).

I thought the most striking question of the night was directed at Scott Walker about his position on the defense of life. It’s interesting that Megyn Kelly was so appalled by the Planned Parenthood video series on her show, yet gave the impression she was going to nail Walker with his defense of the unborn in cases of rape and incest. I watched her discuss this question with pundits following the debate and she actually acknowledged that Walker’s response to her question could potentially sink his presidential aspirations. So tell us Megyn…Are you in support of defending the unborn or just the unborn in case of a teen pregnancy? Where do you draw the line in your outrage? After watching her last night, I couldn’t help but wonder if her outrage over the Planned Parenthood issue was genuine or simply staged for ratings. I also caught her smirking, as she attempted to hide her self satisfaction after one of the pundits suggested her comment about Donald Trump really hurt him with voters and specifically with Republicans.

And finally…I could barely contain my anger as Megyn played right into the hands of the Democrats and their false GOP “war on women” narrative. Did she actually believe she swayed woman voters with her “gotcha” remarks about Rosie O’Donnell, who is the poster child for a progressive feminist social experiment gone bad? Is there another “celebrity” out there who is more open about her hate for America and for the values and ideals that have made us the greatest country on earth? As far as I’m concerned, Donald Trump did America a favor when he shined the light on her belligerent, arrogant and intolerant attitude as a host of The View toward anyone who disagreed with her radical progressive views. Rosie asked for a fight, and the media gasped when Trump fought back! If America is looking for a candidate who is more concerned about how many people like him because he/she runs away at the first sign of controversy, then Trump, Cruz, Carson, Paul, Huckabee, Fiorina and Walker are likely not going to be on your list of top 3 candidates. (I didn’t include Christie because I personally think he exposed himself as a fraud during Hurricane Sandy with his loving embrace of Obama when he needed it most.)

Megyn was on a mission to make history last night. I don’t think she really changed anything for Trump. Trump will wake up today and be as bombastic as he was before he set foot on his first presidential debate stage. He will call out anyone who dares to attempt to force him to adhere to their narrow view of what a GOP candidate should look like, and he will double down on Rosie or anyone else who tries to trash America. The only thing I believe Megyn did last night was show her adoring viewers that she really isn’t the Megyn we all thought we knew.

Can Megyn Kelly ever recover from her performance as a “fair and balanced” moderator at her first ever Presidential debate? After painting loudmouth, anti-American Rosie O’Donell as a damsel in distress and Trump as an evil antagonist, will any sane conservative care what she has to say ever again?

Here’s the Rosie O’Donnell video where she decides to mock Trump:

Here’s Trump’s response to Rosie on the Letterman show:

So…after watching these videos, can someone explain why Megyn felt the need to defend Rosie from Donald Trump about a public argument between the two of them in 2006?



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