During an appearance on the “PBD Podcast,” Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk questioned if the Israeli military received a stand-down order while Hamas attacked Israel.

“I’ve been to Israel many times. The country is a fortress. When I first heard this story, I still have the same gut instinct that I did initially. I find this very hard to believe. I’ve been to that Gaza border. You cannot go 10 feet without running into a 19-year-old with an AR-15 or an automatic machine gun. That’s an IDF soldier, right,” Kirk explained.

“The whole country is surveilled,” he noted.

“We don’t talk about Israeli politics very often and most Americans don’t know this. The last nine months Israel was on the brink of civil war. It’s not an exaggeration. This judicial stuff. There were hundreds of thousands of Israelis taking to the streets because Bebe Netanyahu is basically redefining the Israeli constitution,” he continued.

“There were protests planned this week against Netanyahu where they anticipated tens of thousands of people to take to the streets. That’s all gone,” he said.

“Netanyahu now has an emergency government and a mandate to lead. I’m not willing to say, to go so far that saying, that Netanyahu knew where there was intelligence here, but I think some questions need to be asked,” he continued.

“Was there a stand-down order? Was there a stand-down order? Six hours. I don’t believe it,” he said.

“Did somebody in the government say stand down? That is a legitimate non-conspiracy question,” Kirk noted.


Lauren Witzke, former GOP U.S. Senate candidate and executive producer for “The Stew Peters Show,” made the bold claim that Netanyahu ordered the Israeli military to stand down.

“Netanyahu intentionally let Hamas kill Israelis. Both the IDF and the Israeli Air Force both stood down for seven hours. You won’t believe what a Jewish charity leader told me today,” Witzke said.

“I sat down with Jewish Charity leader, Cecily Routman, who received intel directly from her Israeli Rabbi and other top level government sources,” Witzke wrote.

Routman claimed Rabbi Chananya Weissman shared intel from confidential sources stating the IDF and Israeli Air Force indeed received a stand-down order during the attacks.

*Note – 100 Percent Fed Up CANNOT independently verify these claims*


“Honestly, anyone with an IQ over 60 figured this out 6 days ago. The Israelis need to demand answers from Netanyahu for the hours of inaction by IDF that led to over 1,200 Israeli deaths. I’ll be praying for the thousands of people who lost a family member this week, and for peace in the Middle East,” Witzke wrote.


With these claims, we must legitimately question if this attack was a False Flag.

Is this Israel’s 9/11?

DailyNoah.com wrote:

Did Israel issue a 7-hour stand-down order?

This lady says yes.

Let me make something very clear…..I stand with Israel 100%, but I don’t stand with CORRUPT leaders. Is Netanyahu corrupt? Did he order this?

If you’ve read your Bible, you know Israel has had corrupt and even evil rulers before who failed the people. Are we seeing that play out again in modern times?

Israel is NOT immune from having corrupt leaders.

We do not blindly support a leader who would order a stand-down while his citizens got slaughtered.

Is this a FF?

Is this Israel’s 9/11?

Story developing…..

Watch the full “PBD Podcast” episode with Charlie Kirk below:

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