John Brennan is a rat. He’s part of the Deep State cabal that includes Comey and Clapper. These three are not to be trusted when it comes to domestic or foreign policy. The good thing is that they keep exposing themselves as the traitors they’ve always been to America. The latest comment by Brennan is another bit of evidence…

Former Director of the CIA John Brennan condemned the killing of an Iranian scientist who has been at the center of  Tehran’s nuclear program. Whose side is Brennan on? The supposed “father” of the Iranian nuclear program, who is a danger to the world, was taken out, and Brennan is upset about it? There have been suspicions that the nuclear program that was supposed to be halted even after the sham Iran Nuclear Deal has still been active. Has Brennan just exposed himself as an Iranian sympathizer, and has he just violated the Logan Act?

Benny Johnson thinks so…He replied to Jack Posobiec that he believes we need a Special Counsel on this ASAP:

Brennan tweeted: “This was a criminal act & highly reckless,” Brennan wrote on Twitter Friday afternoon. “It risks lethal retaliation & a new round of regional conflict.”

“Iranian leaders would be wise to wait for the return of responsible American leadership on the global stage & to resist the urge to respond against perceived culprits.”

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The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized American citizens with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.

Brennan continued with two more follow-up tweets:

Brennan is clearly upset by this move, and it just exposes him as sympathetic to Iran. Not a good look.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the death of Fakhruzadeh. He has been a target of Mossad for some time. Israeli journalist Yossi Melman tweeted out a comment that the killing was a blow for Iran.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blamed Israel:

“Terrorists murdered an eminent Iranian scientist today. This cowardice…with serious indications of Israeli role…shows desperate warmongering of perpetrators.”

Our previous report on the assassination:

The leader of Iran’s secret military program has been shot and killed in Northern Iran. This is a major blow to Iran, and they have already said they will retaliate. An Iranian military commander said Iran would strike back against the killers of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

According to reports in Iran, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated in Damavand, east of Tehran, when he was ambushed. A state reporter said, “apparently an explosion, followed by shootings… Three or four other people have also been killed.”

He was wanted for many years by Mossad.

He was head of the secretive SPND organization where Iranian nuclear weapons scientists carry out R & D activities. Importantly, these activities continued during the Iran nuclear deal. They continue today.

Israeli PM Netanyahu even called out Fakhrizadeh on continuing work on Iranian nuclear weapons:

Today’s killing of Fakhrizadeh will most likely provoke Iran’s strong response because he was seen as the force behind its nuclear weapons program.

President Trump retweeted the tweet below:

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