Ottawa’s Chief of Police,  Peter Sloly, has resigned.  He leaves on the 19th day of the Freedom Convoy’s demonstration there.

This is Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly’s statement:

Interestingly, as of last week, Sloly said there was “absolutely [no]” plans to resign as police chief.  He told Newstalk 580 CFRA that he “came here to do a job”.

Various theories have been presented as to the real reason for Sloly’s resignation.   When told about the resignation during an interview on Fox, a Freedom Convoy trucker’s initial reaction was to state “I’d say that he’s a coward and he’s backing down now as well. He knows what he did was wrong.”  When suggested that possibly the chief was resigning to “support” the truckers, the trucker acknowledged it was possible, but in view of the chief’s last two weeks of actions, it was hard to say.  The trucker opined: “He was definitely controlled by his commanders to do what he was told”, so anything was possible.


Post Millennial reports – Another theory, as reported by CBC, was that Sloly resigned due to accusations of bullying and volatile behavior.  CBC also reported that the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom’s criticized the chief last week due to the police force’s efforts to work with GoFundMe to remove funds from the Freedom Convoy.  Per John Carpay, a representative of the Justice Centre, “Chief Sloly publicly accuses the truckers of engaging in ‘unlawful’ activities, and of promoting “hatred’ and ‘violence”, but provides no examples, facts or arrests to support his accusations”. Carpay also said, “Chief Sloly has repeatedly called for an ‘end’ to the exercise of the fundamental Charter freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly by Canadians in their own capital city”.

Some are questioning if perhaps Sloly has stepped down because the “end” for which he called for involves the use of federal and provincial police forces.

According to Rebel News, Royal Canadian Mounted Police  (RCMP) and Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are set to take over law enforcement of protests in Ottawa.  “Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said that the government is setting up an integrated command centre for RCMP and OPP to share and assume command and control over the ongoing protests.”


In his released statement (above), Sloly stated that due to his efforts he was  “confident the Ottawa Police Service is now better positioned to end this occupation.”

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