Is CNN trying to push the false narrative that President Trump is a “Russian Asset”? Most Americans would interpret that as saying Trump is a spy for Russia. What exactly is a “Russian Asset” other than a Russian spy? Just ask Google (see below)


While Jake Tapper was interviewing a Democrat Senator who was pushing the premise that Russia might have something on Trump and questions what Trump said in his meeting with Putin, notice the subtitle/chyron under the picture that said, “DEM SENATOR: ‘REAL POSSIBILITY’ TRUMP COULD BE RUSSIAN ASSET”…

Notice how the political hack Senator backpedals when asked further about Trump…”Well I’m just saying that I don’t know”. Hummm…he either knows something or he needs to shut his pie hole for insinuating anything like this about a sitting POTUS!

Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton calls the Trump-Putin summit and aftermath “embarrassing”: “This raises an awful lot of questions about what Russia may have on Trump and what Trump is trying to do with Putin”

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Out of curiosity I Googled “What is a Russian Asset” and up popped several very recent articles claiming POTUS is a “Russian Asset”. I then just Googled “Russian asset” and got the same articles. I Googled images of “Russian asset” and got pictures of Trump and Putin.

NOTICE THAT ALL OF THESE ARTICLES WERE PUBLISHED ON JULY19 AND 20TH…Is there a coordinated effort on the part of the media and Democrats to paint President Trump as a “Russian asset” to further damage his presidency? HELL YES!

Leftist actor/director Rob Reiner even got in on the act: Rob Reiner on July 20, 2018: President Trump Is a Russian ‘Asset’ and ‘We Are in Dire Trouble’

This Senator is on the Armed Services Committee! He needs to be booted from the committee pronto!

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