There seem to be endless ties between the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) in the Democrat party, especially Joe Biden.  In fact, some republicans like Mitch McConnell may have sold their souls to China long ago, as well.

Monica Medina on CGTV with host Rachelle Akuffo

A recent report from The National Pulse shows that the wife of Biden’s chief of staff (who is soon to be assigned a role in Biden’s State Department), Monica Medina, has repeatedly contributed to CCP media outlets.  Medina is an adjunct prof at the far-left Georgetown University.

She describes her time on propagandist Chinese networks as one “of the cool things” she has done.

The CCP-controlled news outlet CGTV also routinely airs “forced confessions” and spreads “propaganda to discredit credible accusations of genocide in the country’s Xinjiang province,” according to The National Pulse.  Everything that is cleared for air on this station can assume to be propaganda.

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No Westerners would take such an abhorrent communist mouthpiece like CGTN seriously, except for the fact that people like Medina who are close to American politics seek to give it relevance and legitimacy by appearing on it as though it is a legitimate news source.

But why does Medina spend so much time on Communist airwaves?

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She is promoting the Marxist ‘green’ movement and heaping lavish praise on Green Ghoul, Greta Thunburg.  She also to uncritically praises the CCP “One Belt, One Road” initiative that is designed specifically to take over the world and destroy The West by 2030.

Medina also promoted her newsletter again during a separate interview with CGTN host Mike Walter discussing the monitoring of environmental threats including climate change.

“But I think even China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its Arctic Initiative are ways that we can see the development happening,” Medina notes.

Medina has appeared on the outlet a total of three times in 2019, including a segment on the environmental “impact summer festivals have on trash and recycling” in Western countries such as the U.S. and the United Kingdom. The interview focuses on these country’s contributions to plastic pollution but fails to mention China’s status as the world’s leading plastic producer and polluter.

Does this bother you?  Why are people associated with our government doing uncritical interviews with communist propaganda outlets while positively describing their Anti-West One Belt, One Read initiative?

Is this appropriate behavior?  If not, why in the world would an American do such a thing?

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