Let’s play a fun game called, “What the hell did Nancy just say?”

Every time Nancy opens her mouth, she proves that President Trump’s election has caused her and her dingbat counterpart Rep. Maxine Waters to become completely unhinged.

Here is the transcript from Nancy Pelosi’s most recent appearance at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s 2017 Fiscal Summit. Can someone please tell us exactly what Nancy is trying to say here?

“Talk about Russia’s undermining our elections. They did it. Thisss….isss (mumble, mumble) isn’t any question. They hacked, they leaked, they disrupted. The question is, was there collusion between the (mumble) campaign and the next. You can’t know until you have the full-fledged (mumble…mumble). To have a President say to the. If he did. To the uh…director of the FBI or the DNI, the Director of National Intelligence, or the NRA….person that um…uh…that…that uh…that they should uh…not go forward…uh it raises questions that uh…needs to be answered in a facts and law way and not a hearsay…”


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As if Nancy’s ridiculous NRA slip wasn’t bad enough, she goes on to clarify why she is uniquely qualified to speak on such important matters as Russian collusion with the Trump campaign because of her vast experience in working with the United States intelligence community, in fact, Nancy claims she has “more” experience than “anyone” else. Too bad she doesn’t even know the NRA isn’t part of the intelligence community:


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