After the November election results were finalized, Republican, Democrat, and Independent voters across America were left questioning the legitimacy of the results. Many were left wondering if voters will ever be able to trust another election in America.

Six months after the November 2020 election, a leading national poll found that 7 in 10 Republican voters still question the legitimacy of the president’s victory.

This is slightly worse than a recent Monmouth poll, which found65% of GOP voters believe that Biden’s win was solely the result of voter fraud.

Primary election issues in Luzerne County, PA, that caused voters to leave without voting, certainly aren’t doing anything to restore voter confidence, especially for Republicans.

PA Home Page reports- Republican and Independent voters were noticing incorrect labeling on electronic ballots in Luzerne County. Regardless of party, every voter was seeing a ballot labeled as democratic primary on the first screen.

“Unfortunately, this morning, the machines were all shut down and people were losing their patience and leaving,” a voter from Exeter said.

The confusion even led some voters to wonder whether their votes would be counted.

“It’s disheartening. When you get a person who gets elected in, did they truly get elected in—is the question, and no one can truly answer that,” voter Chris Harding said.

Officials at several voting locations confirmed ballots labeled as Democrat were popping up on the screen regardless of the voter’s party registration. But workers say when the Republican ballots are printed, they do say Republican on the top.

Luzerne County Director of Elections Bob Morgan says the issue didn’t originate here in northeastern Pennsylvania. He told us several times, it was a problem with the coding in the voting machines.

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“It took us about probably five weeks. We gave a final product to Dominion. There is no evidence of any of this problem on the mail-in ballots which were produced from that file. We’re still working with Dominion to get an explanation as to how this coding error occurred. They were as surprised about it as we were,” Morgan said.

Eyewitness News asked Morgan whether there was any possibility Luzerne County could be at fault.

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We asked, “In that five-week process, is there any possibility it could have been on your end and not theirs?” Morgan responded, “no.”

Dominion Voting Systems released the following statement to Eyewitness News:

“Luzerne County’s election director has confirmed that there is a ballot screen error that is confined to the header on the viewing screen of the machine, and that all ballots are printing correctly with the Republican header and the Republican primary election races. As the county has reassured the voting public, all ballots will be correctly counted.  We regret any confusion this has caused.”

That’s nice, but what about Republican voters who refused to vote because the top of the screen read “Democratic Primary” on their ballot? How many people left polling places and told other Republicans not to bother voting because of the issues they encountered when trying to vote? How many Republican votes were lost because of the alleged “coding error?”


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