Rather than going after Hunter Biden and his crooked foreign dealings, Biden’s Justice Department goes after a pardoned man for failure to disclose

Biden’s corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland and his Justice Department filed a civil lawsuit against Paul Manafort on Thursday. The suit seeks to address an alleged failure to disclose offshore accounts on Manafort’s part, and seeks $3 million.

Manafort served as a central figure to President Trump’s 2016 campaign, as well as to President Reagan’s in the 1980’s. As a campaign consultant and advisor, Manafort has helped to lead some of the greatest figures in modern Republicanism to victory.

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He was pardoned by President Trump during his term, yet the Department of Justice under Biden’s regime believes that they can work around a presidential pardon to attack their political enemies by using civil lawsuits.

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This act by Biden’s dirty Attorney General is nothing more than an attempt to punish any and all opposition to the regime through legal means. However, what’s an even greater sign of corruption is that they won’t go after the Bidens.

The Biden family is guilty of a great deal of unethical and illegal dealings overseas in Ukraine, Russia, and China. Hunter Biden’s guilt is found all over his laptop, and his father’s guilt should be thoroughly investigated as well.

Joe Biden swore up and down for years that he had neither involvement nor knowledge in his son’s illicit business dealings. However, recent findings from Hunter’s laptop have indicated that that is not true at all. The two had very close financial contact, and shared business associates who were involved in Hunter’s overseas actions.

But rather than investigate this, the Biden Justice Department is going after a pardoned man for a petty reason, trying to extort money out of him.

This is corruption of the highest level.

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