Kamala Harris was the tie-breaking vote that allowed the Joe Biden-nominated Rachael Rollins to become a US Attorney for the state of Massachusetts.

Rachael Rollins, a dirty Democrat with a history of questionable behavior, was chosen by Crooked Joe Biden for the respected role of US Attorney

On December 8, 2021, shortly after she was confirmed as the new US Attorney for Massachusetts, a local reporter stopped her as she exited her vehicle, allegedly outside of her home to ask her a question. The Boston 25 reporter, who was aggressively confronted by Rollins (as seen in the video below), was actually investigating a similar incident in which the newly-nominated US Attorney had an angry confrontation with a woman outside of a shopping center.

“Get off our private property, and I swear to God, I’m dead serious. I will find your name,” Rollins shouted at the reporter, as she accused her of putting her children’s lives in danger, especially since she’s a
black woman!”

Rollins’ response to the reporter is vulgar, unhinged, and completely unprofessional.


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Today, it was announced that Biden and Harris’s pick for US Attorney in Massachusetts is resigning from her post after it was announced that she is likely facing federal charges over her arrogant refusal to skip a DNC fundraiser despite concerns that were raised about the possibility of violating the federal Hatch Act by attending.  Rollins, who was determined to meet and have her photo taken with Jill Biden, went to the fundraiser anyway, against the advice of almost everyone surrounding her and, reportedly, of DNC officials who attempted to arrange for her to meet Jill Biden off-site and have her photo taken to avoid any impropriety.

According to NBC Boston Rollins is accused of leaking information from the Department of Justice to influence the election of the position she vacated to become Massachusetts’ top federal prosecutor, the Suffolk County’s district attorney, and of attending a political fundraiser while working in her official capacity and with a government-owned vehicle.

Among other allegations in a 161-page report from the Just Department’s internal watchdog and another from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel are soliciting and accepting 30 free tickets to a Boston Celtics game and accepting payment from a sports and entertainment agency for travel and means. Rollins is accused not only of repeated instances of misconduct and poor judgment but also efforts to mislead Justice Department investigators during interviews in advance of the report.

Special Counsel Henry Kerner’s report found that the leak of information about the district attorney’s race, in which she opposed eventual victor Kevin Hayden, “was an extraordinary breach of public trust by a senior government official, which threatens to erode confidence in the integrity of federal law enforcement actions.” It called the violation among “the most egregious Hatch Act violations” the Office of Special Counsel has ever investigated.

In December, the inspector general’s office referred the allegation to the department for possible prosecution for false statements, but officials declined prosecution, according to the report.

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