Three more Senators threw their support behind Obama’s Iran deal to further seal a victory for the Democrats. My Senator just announced he’s backing the deal which doesn’t surprise me – he does what he’s told to do. Wouldn’t it be nice if these goofballs had the strength to reject this deal instead of the saying it’s “better than no deal at all”. Really? What a joke! They obviously aren’t listening to the American people:

Less Than a Quarter of Americans Approve of Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Dick Chaney and other foreign policy experts are warning the Democrats that this deal is not a good one: “The deal with Iran will have profound consequences.” – Dick Chaney

Dem Sen. Joe Manchin: Iran Nuclear Deal Endangers American Security

HARRY REID CLAIMS VICTORY WITH THE IRAN DEAL: The deal President Obama and other world leaders struck with Iran is the “best chance” to stop the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday in a speech setting the stage for the intense floor fight over the agreement.

Mr. Reid, Nevada Democrat, will be the key figure in leading support for Mr. Obama, and he has now mustered enough backers to mount a filibuster, which would deliver an early victory and prevent the deal from even having to go back to the White House for a final veto showdown.

“This agreement will stand,” Mr. Reid said in a speech at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Three new senators declared support for the deal Tuesday morning, giving Democrats 41 backers of the agreement. That is enough to guarantee they can sustain their filibuster and bottle the debate up in the Senate.

Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Gary Peters of Michigan all threw their support behind the deal.

Mr. Blumenthal called the agreement “better than no deal at all,” while Mr. Peters said he was only “reluctantly” backing it, and still had “serious reservations.”

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