Bussed in protesters are the usual trick played by the Democrats to ambush a candidate to make it look like there is great opposition to his candidacy. Republicans have caught on to this trick and are making an effort to expose it.

Incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. John Faso called attention to his opponent’s bussed in protesters before so the leftists decided to try and keep it under wraps this time. The problem is that the busses sponsored by Democrat leader Rep, Jerry Nadler had someone on who exposed them for trying to cover up their plan. A leaked audio recorded a female organizer telling the volunteers not to tell where they are from because of the concern for optics of receiving support from outside the area. The liberal activists were caught on audio on their bus ride from NYC to New York’s 19th Congressional District. Listen to the directions of the leader:


“One thing that I wanted to say that is important, if you post on social media, please do not mention that you are from New York City. The reason is, much though they love us, the Faso campaign on September 15th posted that the Delgado campaign was bussing in busloads of New York City democratic socialists, bringing outsiders in to try to sway the campaign. And the campaign is understandably concerned about this.”

The Democrats continue to pull out all the stops to win in November but this is dirty politics. Let the people of the community participate in the political process for their candidates!

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