Anyone who’s been paying attention to the Freddie Gray case knows that information has been withheld. The police officer on trial right now deserves better and this judge knows it’s been a sham. Judge Williams ripped into the prosecutors for withholding evidence in the case which could have helped Officer Goodson tremendously. What a sham!

The judge who will decide the fate of a police officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray on Thursday blasted city prosecutors for failing to turn over evidence that could exculpate the officer.

On the opening day of the trial for Officer Caesar Goodson, Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams said that prosecutors violated Maryland court rules when they failed to turn over to the defense a discussion with Donta Allen, the second man placed inside the transport van after Gray was injured.
“I’m saying you don’t understand what exculpatory means. I’m telling you that this [evidence] needs to be considered,” Judge Williams told prosecutors. “If you don’t understand that then I don’t know what else you don’t understand.”
Allen previously had talked to police at the Western District homicide office in April 2015, saying that Gray had been thrashing around the van. But Allen then told reporters that he only heard faint sounds coming from Gray. In subsequent interviews, Allen refused to acknowledge his contradictory statements.
Judge Williams ordered that the prosecution to ensure that no other exculpatory evidence has been excluded. They have until Monday to do so.

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