Hey Democrats…If you can’t even host a 4-day convention for your own party, how can you ask America to vote for you to run our nation?

On Sunday night, at a glitzy reception overlooking the city skyline, the conversations among Washington Democrats and K Street lobbyists were as much about convention-related problems as they were about politics.

“Every convention has its memorable problems, but this is a lot,” one lobbyist said.

On Monday, the opening night of the four-day event, the concession stands at the Wells Fargo Center were essentially sold out of water and food before the prime-time speeches even started.

This unnamed Democrat was shocked when he realized how many people were being paid to fill convention seats left empty by Democrats who left in disgust by Wikileaks revelations only days before the start of the DNC that proved the Democrat Party intentionally denied Bernie Sanders the opportunity to win his party’s nomination:

This tweet just verifies what the Democrat above exposed about the corrupt Democrats, where nothing is as it appears:

Here’s what happened when Democrats outside attempted to tear down the huge DNC fence surrounding the venue. This video is SHOCKING and really shows what the media refused to broadcast to mainstream Americans during Hillary’s speech:

Visitors also were shocked to learn that they couldn’t swipe a credit card to pay for a $2.25 subway ride on the SEPTA, instead having to cough up cash.

“I’ve been getting yelled at all day,” said a SEPTA booth attendant at the City Hall stop, which has been the staging area for the thousands of Sanders supporters and other protesters.

California Democrat Delegates were caught leaving the convention in protest of the dirty dealings of the DNC:


Watch protesters storm DNC during Hillary’s acceptance speech. Where was the security? Were the Democrats woefully unprepared for the violence and protests they would face during their convention? Who organized this event? Trump’s campaign was clearly not given enough credit for their flawless convention, as there were no reports of disfunction, violence, or chaos anywhere near or inside of the RNC convention hall.


The protests, including a six-mile march that snarled city traffic, got so raucous Tuesday that police shut down the subway stop closest to the Wells Fargo venue, as demonstrators pushed against the police line and got dangerously close to the delegates and others with official convention passes.

Protesters completely shut down media and attendees from attending DNC:


As a result, officials intend to add an extra wall of chain-linked fencing to avoid more problems.

Notoriously critical reporters have been among the most outspoken.


“To be totally objective and nonpartisan: the logistics at DNC are appalling. Squalid hotels, sweltering workspace, no directions. Chaos,” tweeted Megan Liberman, editor-in-chief at Yahoo News.

Via: Fox News


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