Not surprisingly, Democrat Party mega-donor, and disgraced Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein can’t seem to find any women who are interested in comforting him at the moment. Hmmm….maybe he should pay a visit to Hillary in Chappaqua, she seems to be okay with covering for an accused rapist and husband who allegedly committed multiple sexual assaults.

Members of the Los Angeles Police Department arrived at the home of Harvey Weinstein’s oldest daughter on Wednesday morning for a welfare call.

That visit was prompted by a call from Lily Weinstein, 22, to authorities stating that her father was suicidal according to TMZ.

Weinstein and his daughter had been in a heated argument earlier that morning, which riled up the disgraced movie mogul so much that he began to flag down a random drive and demanded that the man take him away in his vehicle.

‘You’re making it worse,’ Harvey allegedly screamed at his daughter, who was eventually able to get him back in the house.

An LAPD source confirmed that officers responded to a call and stayed on the scene for 30 minutes after arriving around 10:30am, and that there were no arrests.

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Photos showed members of the force on the property early Wednesday.

Weinstein, 65, was expected to be in Europe by this time, with the embattled movie mogul saying on Tuesday that he was flying off to rehab to treat his sex addiction.

Weinstein had fled the house before police arrived on the scene, and by that time tensions appeared to have cooled on both sides.

He was looking more polished and put together than he has in years during this very public breakdown, wearing a pair of crisp jeans, sneakers, a clean leather jacket and a slimming black top.

Weinstein also trimmed up his unruly beard and got a fresh new haircut at some point just before his meltdown, which happened to be caught on tape.

Overall, Weinstein appeared more put together than he does when he is arriving for work in New York City or walking the red carpet at the Oscars.

His daughter Lily also reportedly told police soon after they arrived that despite her statement over the phone, her father was no longer a risk.

Police said that they are still investigating the incident.

Weinstein may now fly for Europe tonight to start treatment for his sex addiction, though that claim cannot be trusted in light of the statement he made on Tuesday which proved to be false. – Daily Mail



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