It’s absolutely heartbreaking that a disabled veteran walking with a cane, after being shot serving our country is FORCED to walk to an event to hear a presidential candidate speak in America. He fought for our nation, and this is the respect he gets from these thugs? Shutting down free speech in America is NOT okay. In a normal world, our president would be holding a press conference to tell people they will be held accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, many Americans believe it is more likely our “President” is helping to organize these events behind the scenes with the major players in this threatening movement like George Soros and Black Lives Matter terrorists.

And now…the fallout from radical anti-Trump protesters can be seen with voters like these (below) all over America. As a side note, my parents were Rubio and Cruz supporters until the night the paid Soros protesters tried to shut down his rally in Chicago. The next day they went to the polls and BOTH voted for Trump. This movement will backfire. Trump will likely win in a landslide thanks in part to these throw back anarchists from the Occupy movement, Black Lives Matter terrorists, Pro-Palestinians (Jew haters), radical Muslim groups like CAIR, Soros paid protesters and misguided kids looking for something “meaningful” to do with their spare time:

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