Rutgers University-Camden recently hosted an event for illegals and their families ONLY. Yes, for ILLEGALS ONLY to teach them how to work the system and get into college using U.S. funding!

This is from the college website: Unreal!

Please email the Dean of Students here: [email protected]

Isn’t that discriminatory? You bet! It’s also a slap in the face to the rule of law in America!

“Rutgers University-Camden is proud to host an information session and serve fair on the college application process for DACA and otherwise undocumented students and families,” a flyer for the events states, as noted by Campus Reform.
Specifically, college officials aimed to teach how to navigate the financial aid and school scholarship maze — so that illegals could tap into U.S. funding flows to stay illegally in America even longer.
The sad thing is that this isn’t the first for Rutgers. In 2015, Rutgers-Newark hosted a college fair for illegals, even promising on its promotional flyers to conceal the identities of those who attended.

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UndocuRutgers is still up on the website from 2015!

Here’s the Flyer from the 2015 event:


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