Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey sat down for an interview with MSNBC this week, using his airtime to take pot shots at President Trump and endorse Joe Biden for President in 2024.

Comey said that Biden is ‘committed to the rule of law’ and expressed fears that Trump would retaliate against him if he were to win in the 2024 election.

He claimed that ‘no one else’ on the ticket besides Joe Biden would abide by the law and Constitution during the interview.

Comey also baselessly claimed that Trump would defy the courts if they attempted to stop him from carrying out an unlawful or unconstitutional directive, saying that Trump might say ‘I don’t care what the Supreme Court says or these district judges say, I’m telling the Marshals Service don’t enforce the court order.’

It is interesting that Comey would express concerns that Trump would investigate him as he oversaw the Crossfire Hurricane investigation against Trump that turned over no definitive evidence proving that Trump colluded with the Russian government but was still used as an impetus to spy on and harass Trump campaign and administration officials.

Comey and other key officials such as FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and high-ranking FBI agent Peter Strzok refused to participate in interviews with special counsel John Durham during his probe investigating misconduct in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

The Conservative Brief Reports

Former FBI Director James Comey, who claims to be a lifelong Republican, explained why he is backing President Joe Biden for reelection over any other GOP candidate — but especially the former boss who fired him, Donald Trump.

In an interview on far-left MSNBC, when asked who he believes should be in the Oval Office come January 2025, he said: “It has to be Joe Biden.”

“I’m glad he’s willing to serve. It has to be somebody committed to the rule of law, committed to the values of this country,” Comey told host and former Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki, now an MSNBC host. “And I’m not talking about policy. People can disagree about policy. There are things above those disagreements that all of us should think about the same way.

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