Oprah’s BFF, Gayle King, of CBS This Morning, sat down with Virginia’s Democrat governor, Ralph Northam, who is currently in the fight of his life to save his political career. Last week, it was discovered that the Democrat governor of Virginia, who won his seat in 2017 after Democrats dumped a fortune into his campaign, had a photo of a person dressed in a KKK hood and one in blackface on his personal yearbook page in medical school.

When asked about the images, the Black host of CBS This Morning started out by expressing her sympathy for him and his “difficult week.”


Northam explained how he wouldn’t resign because Virginia needs a leader and Northam is of the belief that he is the only one capable of leading them to “address” the “inequities.” Hmmm… is Northam really in any position to call himself a leader in addressing “inequities?”

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When asked about calls for Northam to resign, he responded in the most hilarious way, telling King that Virginians who have suffered so much pain (after the KKK and blackface images in his yearbook were revealed) that they need a doctor to heal them. Northam hilariously offered to be the doctor who would heal the pain he caused the citizens of Virginia.

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The Democrat governor defended his Democrat attorney general, saying he knows Attorney General Herring for dressing in blackface, saying, “Just like me, I’m sure he has grown.”

Finally, Democrat Governor Ralph Northam throws his black Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax under the bus after he was accused of sexual assault and rape by two separate women following the Northam’s blackface, KKK scandal.

CBS isn’t the only media outlet to let the Democrat governor off the hook, a local publication, Delmarva (a USA TODAY publication) went out of their way to show their readers photos of the governor interacting with prominent Black church leaders (while campaigning) in Virginia.

The USA Today publication went out of its way to defend the governor and point out why he’s not a racist:

Northam had this observation about the African-American man he used to watch fix tools, tractors, bicycles and other items his family brought into the blacksmith shop:

“Growing up, the way we were raised, my brother and I, we didn’t see color — and I don’t think he saw color either. He just treated everybody as human beings. I think that’s a lesson that everybody needs to hear.”

Delmarva also went out of their way to point out that the governor went to school with black children when his parents could have sent him to an all white, private school.


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