As former President Donald Trump was arraigned today in New York as a result of charges stemming from ‘hush money’ payments to Stormy Daniels, critics are pointing out Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s misplaced priorities.

Trump has criticized Bragg for being soft on crime, downgrading a majority of felony charges that came across his desk to misdemeanors.

Meanwhile, Bragg has embraced unprecedented and controversial legal theories in an attempt to upgrade what should be a misdemeanor charge to a felony for Trump.

While he has devoted significant taxpayer resources and time to prosecuting Trump based on questionable pretenses, he downgraded charges for a career criminal with almost 90 criminal charges with a criminal record dating back to 35 years ago.

Law enforcement sources complained about Bragg’s overzealous prosecution of Trump while he lets career criminals free who police went through painstaking efforts to catch.

Trump will reportedly not have to attend another court hearing in Manhattan until December of 2023.

The New York Post Reports

Controversial Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is lavishly spending tax dollars to prosecute former President Donald Trump on what critics call politically motivated charges — while giving career criminals a break.

Rodney Johnson, 53, who has nearly 90 busts on his rap sheet and two state prison stints under his belt, had his felony robbery charges knocked down to slap-on-the-wrist misdemeanors by Bragg’s office last week, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Johnson was just one of the career criminals who have been handed light sentences or cut loose early by the lefty DA.

“This guy has been breaking the law for 35 years,” one law enforcement source said.

“He’s been a one-man robbery spree preying on low-wage workers, then when the cops catch the guy, Bragg’s office downgrades the felon charges,” the sources said.

“All the while [Bragg] chases an indictment of the former president for paying a porn star. Priorities.”

The felon skipped out on a court-ordered intervention program three times on a 2021 felony robbery case.

But the criminal was handed just $1 bail on the previous charges, records show. It wasn’t clear on Tuesday whether the suspect had made bail.

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