On Friday night, BLM terrorists took to the streets of Rochester, New York creating chaos and striking fear into the hearts of innocent patrons of local restaurants. Videos were shared on Twitter, showing BLM rioters approaching innocent people and threatening them with violence, turning over tables and chairs, breaking dishes and glasses, while shouting “shutting down restaurants,” as the frightened patrons scattered.


According to the Gateway Pundit –Rochester locals were outraged to discover an Assistant Principal of Spencerport High School was marching with the BLM and involved in the street violence!

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Spencerport High School is about 11 miles from downtown Rochester, NY.

Here’s the profile of Steve Lysenko, the assistant principal at Spencerport High School.

American taxpayer dollars are being used to pay radicals like Steve Lysenko to educate our youth. If this doesn’t concern every parent in America, it should.

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