Local police decried an attack on a Catholic church by a left-wing activist as a ‘hate crime’, but Biden’s Department of Justice reportedly plans to go soft on the perpetrator, giving them no jail time and a measly three years probation.

Maeta Nova was arrested in June of 2022 for defacing a catholic church by inscribing the words ‘F*ck Catholics” on the church’s walls, the transgender assailant reportedly also threw rocks at a church employee and attacked them with spray paint.

While the Biden administration is treating Nova with kid gloves, they recently attempted to throw a pro-life demonstrator in prison for 11 years for protesting outside of an abortion clinic.

Conservatives have argued that the Biden administration is blatantly engaging in religious discrimination and political targeting of Christians.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) recently said that the Biden administration is ‘treating Christians like criminals’ and referenced a report that indicated that the FBI was attempting to infiltrate churches.  The report claimed that catholic churches were potential hotbeds of right-wing extremism.

The New York Post Reports

President Biden’s Justice Department is recommending no jail time for an abortion activist who scrawled “F–k Catholics” on a church’s walls, assaulted a church employee and defaced several religious statues in reaction to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade last summer, according to a report.

The Justice Department put forward a plea agreement, reviewed by Fox News Digital, that calls for three years’ probation and no jail time for Maeve Nota, who was arrested June 28, 2022, for vandalizing the St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue, Washington.

Nota, a transgender man, was charged with a hate crime and assault for vandalizing the church, and tossing rocks at and spray-painting an employee of the church, according to the Bellevue Reporter.

Nota smashed two of the church’s glass doors, defaced religious statues and painted “women haters,” “kid groomers,” “we hate gay people,” “rot in hell,” and “F–k Catholics” on the church’s walls, the newspaper reported, citing charging documents.

“The graffiti painted on church walls and artifacts was anti-Catholic,” the Bellevue Police Department said ​at the time on Twitter​​​​.

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