The Biden administration has so far barely acknowledged the catastrophic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that released millions of pounds of toxic chemicals in to the air.

The mainstream media has given the issue little attention until the last couple days, when the New York Times published an article voicing residents concerns.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg did not even release a statement about the train derailment until Tuesday, February 14th, nearly two weeks after the horrific incident.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine stated that he has repeatedly requested federal assistance from FEMA, but has been denied so far.

Ohio voted for President Trump by a significant margin in both the 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections, calling in to question if Biden is denying the state aid because they vote Republican.

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Governor Mike DeWine dropped a truth bomb a few hours ago: he has been in contact with FEMA every day since the disaster in East Palestine unfolded, and the Biden Administration is refusing assistance.

Perhaps this is why Mayor Pete has refused to go to the site of the disaster, and why he has been joking on TV while one of the largest environmental disasters in recent history has been ongoing.

Many people have been astonished at how little attention the MSM has given to the ongoing disaster. It appears we now know why: the Biden Administration doesn’t want it to be a big deal, despite millions of Americans being affected now and into the future.

A million pounds of toxic chemicals have been released into the environment–including the watershed that serves millions of Americans. The Biden Administration’s response has been “meh, so what?”

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