Monday night, a BLM activist who has received praise for both President Obama and MSNBC anchor Joy Reid was arrested after attempting to assassinate Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg.

The assassin, 21-year-old Quintez Brown, has a record of posting far-left revolutionary invective on his social media.  The mayoral candidate and his staff remained unscathed after Brown’s attempt was unsuccessful, though one bullet grazed the candidate and caused his shirt to rip.

Now, it has been revealed that the Louisville Community Bail Fund, associated with the Louisville Black Lives Matter movement, paid Brown’s $100,000 bail to get him out of prison while he stands trial.



The clerk can clearly be heard saying Brown’s name and saying that he is forbidden to have contact with the Mayor or his campaign staff in the video, making it clear that she is referencing Brown.

Far left “dark money” groups contributed tens of millions of dollars to bail funds in the last year to bail out violent Black Lives Matter protesters, setting the precedent that their violent activism would not lead to consequences.  The George Soros funded “Tide Foundation” donated $6 million alone to bail funds in 2020.

Bail funds have often been supported by prominent activists, celebrities, and politicians, especially during the 2020 Black Lives Matter unrest.

Last year, a bail fund supported by Vice President Kamala Harris was used to free a domestic abuser who went on to murder a man while he was out on bail provided by the Minnesota Freedom Fund.  The man now faces two charges of second-degree murder.

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