This afternoon, stunning details related to the crash of the Ukraine commercial flight on its way to Kiev, Ukraine following the attack on an American airbase in Iraq, were revealed.

Spy satellite evidence indicates Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles shot down the Ukraine Airlines airplane with 176 people on board including 63 Canadians and 3 Brits.

US intelligence picked up signals of the radar being turned on and satellite-detected infrared blips of 2 missile launches, probably SA-15s, followed shortly by another infrared blip of an explosion.

California Democrat Congresswoman Jackie Speier joined CNN’s Wolf Blitzer tonight to discuss the Ukrainian passenger flight that was shot down only moments after taking off from Tehran’s international airport.

Blitzer asked Congresswoman Speier, a member of the House Armed Services Committee if she’s been briefed on the tragedy, and if it was mistaken for a US  military jet?

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Rep. Speier told the CNN host that she had been briefed, and in what can only be described as a stunning moment, attempted to blame President Trump, calling it “collateral damage” for the actions taken by the United States to take out Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian terrorist leader responsible for the murder of over 500 US troops and the deaths of over 1500 Iranian citizens.

Yes, you heard correctly, the unhinged Democrat lawmaker who is also part of the Intelligence Committee that was left with egg on their faces after their embarrassing impeachment sham exposed them as a bunch of unhinged, partisan hack lawmakers, just blamed the President of the United States for the death of 176 innocent non-American citizens.

“If what is being projected is true. This is yet another example of collateral damage from the actions that have been taken in a provocative way by the President of the United States,” Speier told Blitzer.



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