Parent scrutiny has continued to intensify as school boards have made controversial decisions regarding student education on sexuality, gender, and race-related issues.

As parents have become more concerned with what schools are teaching their children on sensitive topics, they have become more involved in school board meetings, with some parents running for school board to reverse what they see as left-wing overreach in schools.

In an incident that was uncovered this week that caused widespread outrage both by parents in the school district and across the country, a school board President invited choir students to perform at a gay ‘adult’ Christmas party.

The party included shirtless men and a ‘naughty santa’.

Other school board members also chastised the President and said that he should resign after the incident was exposed.

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After facing intense public pressure to resign, the President reportedly stepped down on December 10th.

KRCTV Reports

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The president of a California school board has reportedly resigned after he allegedly paid high school choir students to give a performance at a “private adult party.”

Claremont Unified School District (CUSD) Board of Education President Steven Llanusa, a 17-year veteran of the school board who was recently reelected, stepped down following a meeting where parents heavily criticized him for the party, the Claremont Courier reported.

Photos revealed by local media reportedly show that the December 3 party the high school kids attended was also attended by shirtless men, including a “naughty Santa.”

The party was held at Llanusa’s private residence, The Claremont Courier reports. Parents reportedly attended a school board meeting on December 9 and shared their grievances and concerns.

Other members of the school board said in a statement to the community following the December 9 meeting that they were “appalled” by the allegations against Llanusa and encouraged the school board president to resign.

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