Black Lives Matter, the group that many believe is a “hate group” or “domestic terror group” has inspired a wave of professional athletes to join in the disrespect our flag by taking a knee during our national anthem. Unbelievably, this cop-hating group has now found an unlikely ally in their fight against cops, Cleveland, OH law enforcement officers. How politically correct…

Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco quarterback, became the poster child for cop hate when he refused to stand for our national anthem prior to the start of the NFL games. Kaepernick used his display of disrespect for our flag to show his disrespect for our law enforcement. Kaepernick was not resigned by SF and did not receive another offer to play in the NFL. He is now the center of a huge controversy, as the NAACP has joined forces with BLM to demand that an NFL owner pick up the lackluster and controversial QB.

The Cleveland Brown players have been known to display their over-the-top hate for law enforcement before. After Beyonce’s racist halftime Super Bowl 2016 show, Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell posted this disgusting image on his Instagram account:

Crowell apologized for posting the ISIS-like image of a police officer being decapitated, and all was forgiven… 

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Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns have decided to turn up the disrespect for our flag a notch. Several players are now taking a knee while the rest of the fans and players stand to honor our flag and our nation.

The veterans in Cleveland are tired of watching the nation and flag they fought for being disrespected by these clowns who have never sacrificed a moment of their lives for our country. They posted this sign in front of their building to show the disrespectful Cleveland Brown players how they feel about their behavior:

VFW Commander Tim Zvoncheck posted a message to his Facebook page, informing the public that his Strongsville post would no longer air games on Sundays.

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And now, in the most disgusting act of pandering to political correctness, the Cleveland Police officers have decided they will join the cop-hating group to disrespect our flag:

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