As a bill that will increase the debt ceiling by roughly $4 Trillion was signed by President Biden today, which was hailed as a major victory by both Biden and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Ca. many people thought that the issue would be put to rest.

Due to shocking details being released by Republican Representatives about bullying tactics used by House Leadership to coerce them in to voting for the bill, it may continue to create a headache for McCarthy for the foreseeable future.

Representative Andrew Clyde, R-Ga. had plans to introduce important Second Amendment legislation that would curtail the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) agency’s new rule that heavily regulates pistol braces.

The ATF rule has received widespread criticism from Republicans in both the House and Senate, but house leadership warned Clyde that it could be in jeopardy because he opposed a rule that was up for a vote on the debt ceiling legislation.

Clyde said that he was ‘severely disappointed’ at the retaliation against him by House leadership and that blocking the bill would harm millions of Americans.

‘They’re not hurting me — they’re hurting millions of law-abiding gun owners, including many disabled Americans and service-disabled veterans, who now face harsh penalties for simply attaching a piece of plastic to their firearm,” Clyde said.

Clyde voted twice against a debt ceiling raise along with 70 other Republicans.

The Daily Caller Reports

Republican Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde slammed House GOP leadership after he said they threatened to block his bill that focuses on pistol braces from coming to the floor if he votes “no” on the debt ceiling rule.

Clyde went after House leadership in an exclusive statement to the Daily Caller, accusing them of holding Americans’ Second Amendment rights “hostage” because he opposed a rule on legislation to raise the debt ceiling. Clyde said unnamed House Republican leadership called him Wednesday and told him it would be very difficult to bring his Congressional Review Act joint resolution to the floor if he voted against the debt ceiling rule. Clyde’s bill focuses on disapproval for the ATF’s pistol brace ruling.

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