Yesterday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy moved President Trump’s number one most vocal defenders against phony, secretive impeachment hearings, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to the House Intel Panel ahead of the public impeachment hearings next week.

The Washington Examiner reports Arizona Rep. Rick Crawford is stepping aside to let Jordan do the cross-examining next Wednesday when the testimony at a House Intel Hearing on Impeachment goes public.

McCarthy confirmed the news in a statement about why he chose Jordan for this very important position:

“Jim Jordan has been on the front lines in the fight for fairness and truth. His addition will ensure more accountability and transparency in this sham process.”

Today, a college wrestling referee claimed that while Jim Jordan was an OSU wrestling coach, he ignored warnings of sexual abuse of nearly 200 men over two decades by an OSU doctor.

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Jordan has previously denied having any knowledge of the abuse. Curiously, the allegation comes only one day after Jordan, a reliable bulldog for Trump was appointed to the House Intelligence Committee.

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Just as the feisty, hard-hitting, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), is about to blow up another phony attempt at unfairly destroying a duly elected president, Democrats are calling for him to resign, over a curiously timed accusation.

Shades of Kavanaugh?

An unhinged Democrat literally just asked Jordan to give them Trump’s head and they’ll forget about everything.

Does anyone find it odd that more accusations would come out about Jim Jordan just as he’s been appointed to the intelligence committee? And he’s not even accused of committing a crime. Seems like a political hit job to me.

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