Despite a manifesto indicating precisely what radicalized him, and antisemitic attacks on Fox News, Democrat Operatives are blaming Tucker Carlson and Fox for the shooter’s beliefs

The shooter who carried out a disgusting and tragic attack which left 10 dead in Buffalo, New York Saturday is in custody. With his manifesto released on the app Discord there is little wondering as to what radicalized him and motivated him in this dreadful attack. And yet, obtuse Democrat operatives completely skip past all of this to blame Tucker Carlson and Fox News–going so far as to say they have  “blood on their hands.”

Buffalo Shooter Being Arrested

The shooter shared antisemitic memes targeting Fox News and other media agencies, and explicitly stated that it was the internet, specifically the boards on the site 4chan, and not anything on television which radicalized him.

Posts from 4chan, News from Reddit… Nothing from Fox.

Taking sick inspiration from the Christchurch, New Zealand shooter Brenton Tarrant, who livestreamed himself performing a massacre at a mosque several years ago, the Buffalo shooter went on to perform an act of death and violence the atrocity of which cannot be overstated.

While judging by his manifesto, his own admittance of being racist, and the n-word scrawled across the side of his gun, it is indeed the likeliest possibility that he carried out the shooting due to racially motivated hatred.

However, the media was quick to call him a white supremacist even before all of the information was available… Meanwhile these same Democrat operates and media outlets were suspiciously quiet about the motives of seven other mass shooters so far this year.

When they cry racist every time a crime happens, it becomes understandably less effective in the face of a true hate crime. When they refuse to acknowledge the motivation behind any attack which cannot be pinned on hate, their credibility drops further. Finally, when they lunge at the opportunity to blame Tucker Carlson and Fox News in this manner, their true motives cease to be questionable and become fully apparent.

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