An accused murderer whose bond was dropped to $1,000 has fled from the authorities, yet non-violent political prisoners are being treated as terrorists

Dallas capital murder suspect James William Moore, connected to the killing of Dallas restaurant owner Brian Harp Sr. three years ago, has escaped and is currently on the run from authorities.

After three years of awaiting trial, Moore’s bond was suddenly dropped from $500,000 to $1,000, and he was released on June 17th. Within hours, Moore cut off his electronic ankle monitor and began his run from authorities.

Many are left questioning why a man accused of capital murder was awaiting trial for three years and why his bond was suddenly and dramatically reduced to a mere $1,000.

As concerns for the community’s safety rise, so does mistrust of the legal system’s ability to deal with violent offenders.

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From CBS News:

“They know good and well they’re going to make that thousand dollar bond, they know good and well they are going to get home and reoffend, but they don’t care about the families that are wrecked they don’t care about the victims,” Sergeant Michael Mata with the Dallas Police Association said.

Records also show that Moore wasn’t even at his assigned residence when he took the monitor off.

A motion has been filed to revoke his bond calling Moore “…a threat to the peace and safety of the community.”

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Meanwhile, the non-violent political prisoners of January 6th are being mistreated, abused, and held without bail or with exorbitant bail, some even in solitary confinement.

The two-tiered justice system in the United States provides, in reality, little justice to anyone as elites abuse it and avoid it, innocents are made examples of, and law-abiding citizens have to fear for public safety while crime surges and violent criminals are set free.

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