NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett tweeted an extensive hit list of targets tied to President Trump that was released this afternoon by the House “Judiciary” or “impeach Trump” Committee.

Bennett tweeted:

BREAKING: has sent document requests to the following people and entities related to its investigation into the alleged obstruction of justice, public corruption, and abuses of power by President Trump, his associates, and members of his administration.

When it comes time to cast your vote for President of the United States in 2020, remember that 81 people and organizations are being called before this embarrassing group of partisan hacks because they still haven’t gotten over the fact that Hillary lost the election. Now that the fake Trump-Russian collusion narrative has completely fallen apart, the Democrat Party is forced to move on to their next political stunt.

Here’s the list:

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Here’s how minority member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) responded to Nadler’s list of 81 targets, calling it a “Kangaroo Court”:

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C’mon —at least pretend to be serious about fact finding. Nadler feeling the heat big time. Jumps to Tom $teyer’s conclusion—impeaching our President—before first document request. What a Kangaroo court.

All of America should be outraged by the Democrat Party’s outrageous abuse of power. These spiteful shenanigans that drag every American citizen through hell and back, will very likely backfire on the Democrat Party in 2020. We haven’t even mentioned the outrageous costs to taxpayers for these ridiculous investigations.

Americans of every political persuasion should be demanding that Democrats STOP this disgusting attempt to destroy the credibility of our sitting President. They are literally trying to weaken the man Americans elected to run our country, while the rest of the world watches…including our enemies.

With the exception of Tiffany, Barron, Melania and perhaps Trump’s barber, it looks like the “impeach Trump” un-judiciary committee members will be calling everyone and anyone who has ever crossed the path of President Trump in to be questioned in hopes of getting something…anything on him.

The Daily Caller reports –

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler served document requests to 81 agencies, entities, and individuals “believed to have information relevant” to investigations related to “allegations of corruption, obstruction, and abuses of power.”

“We have sent these document requests in order to begin building the public record.  The Special Counsel’s office and the Southern District of New York are aware that we are taking these steps,” Nadler said in a statement.

We will act quickly to gather this information, assess the evidence, and follow the facts where they lead with full transparency with the American people,” he continued. “This is a critical time for our nation, and we have a responsibility to investigate these matters and hold hearings for the public to have all the facts.  That is exactly what we intend to do.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Are we the only ones wondering where Barack Obama is hiding, and if he’s the one pulling the puppet strings on willing subjects like anti-Trump Democrat Congressmen Nadler and Schiff? Is Valerie Jarrett still living in Barack Obama’s basement bunker? Where has Eric Holder and Susan Rice been hiding? What about Loretta Lynch? Why don’t we see any of these people in the media anymore? Did they all simply disappear? Or are they all part of the team organizing the Democrat Party’s next moves. Is their plan to tie our country up in controversy by dragging anyone tied to Trump through the mud up until the day of the 2020 election?

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