In case you weren’t already convinced that leftists are completely and totally morally bankrupt, they showed up on Twitter following the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush to remove your unbelief.

Yes, many so-called “progressives” took to social media to celebrate the death of Bush and to ridicule her and her family.

Those liberals, such a classy bunch, right?

The Daily Wire is reporting:

Former first lady Barbara Pierce Bush passed away on Tuesday at the age of 92. Known for her sharp intellect and passion for literacy, many took to social media to express admiration for the beloved American icon as well as sympathy for the Bush family.

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Twitter was swarmed with well wishes and heartfelt tributes from both sides of the aisle:

Predictably, there were those on the Left that immediately used the opportunity to launch vitriolic attacks the former first lady:

Sick and disgusting are two adjectives you can use to describe this kind of behavior but they fall woefully short of being able to fully capture in words how depraved these people really are.

Whether or not you agreed with the First Lady’s politics, she really did set out to make the world a better place and dedicated herself to increasing the literacy rate in this country. She saw something wrong in our country and took actual steps to change things.

That’s more than the vast majority of those who tweeted these horrible statements above have done. In fact, their words are nothing more than pollution of the soul, adding more and more vitriol and misery to an already hurting world.

Hopefully one day they’ll wake up, grow up, and understand how truly beautiful Barbara Bush really was.

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