A group of elderly Trump supporters were walking back to their vehicles after the rally in Tulsa, on Saturday night when a mob of young thugs approached them, telling them, “You better f**king move!” An elderly man standing next to two elderly women attempts to stand up to the group of female thugs, telling them to move out of their way. It doesn’t work. The elderly females turn and walk away in the opposite direction of their vehicles.

The follow-up video by independent journalist Drew Hernandez shows one of the black female thugs screaming at the elderly white people as they walk away. Within seconds, a white man wearing a stars and stripes bandana who appeared to be interceding on behalf of the thugs is engaged in a shouting match with the young black girl with a red cap. As she turns on him, she threatens to physically harm him.

The interaction between the young black girl and the elderly man wearing the patriotic bandana escalates to the point of hysteria, until the young black girl, who’s been threatening to beat every elderly white person in her path appears to realize she’s not going to intimidate the elderly man, at which point she appears to start crying.


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