In the wake of the Arab Spring, where many Middle Eastern countries such as Libya and Syria were engaged in civil wars that destabilized their countries, European countries opened up their borders and let in millions of refugees.

Spain has always had a high Arab population, though it also took in tens of thousands of refugees during the chaos caused by the Arab Spring.

You would think that migrants from war-torn countries would be grateful for the generosity of their host country rather than spitting in the faces of the people there by attacking their customs and culture.  You would be wrong.

Last week, Spain had its first Easter processions in two years after covid restrictions were lifted.  Arab youth from a nearby migrant shelter violently attacks Christians participating in an Easter procession during the parades.  As they walked by a migrant shelter, they were pelted with rocks and numerous other projectiles.

Thankfully, the police were present to break up the attack quickly. reported




“A group of unaccompanied minor refugees from the Bermúdez de Castro hostel in Granada disrupted the Catholic procession in the early hours of Holy Thursday morning (…) Fortunately, the quick intervention of the police prevented serious incidents.

Total outrage in Granada. The procession had been on the road for about an hour and a half, and as it went down the Cuesta del Chapiz, a large number of objects began to rain down on those present. All of these projectiles came from the migrant shelter mentioned above, as several sources confirmed.

The president of Vox Granada, Onofre Miralles, condemned the events through his networks: “Yesterday I had the honour of accompanying the procession. I was informed that objects were thrown at the procession from the reception centre for underage migrants. They are directed against our culture and our tradition. I demand action on the part of the Region of Andalusia”.

This is the umpteenth attack on a Catholic procession during Holy Week. It is not the first incident and unfortunately it will not be the last. Last Sunday, a group of North Africans had tried to attack the Easter procession in El Vendrell (Tarragona).”

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