New York City Pride marchers said the quiet part out loud this weekend as the city holds its annual pride parade.

The controversial chant used by activists and drag queens comes as state legislatures across the country have weighed measures to restrict access to so-called ‘gender-affirming care’ for children, including hormones, puberty blockers, and gender reassignment surgeries.

Meanwhile, left-wing states such as California and Michigan have passed laws or are considering passing laws that take punitive measures against healthcare professionals and parents that will not ‘affirm’ a minor’s gender.

In California, a Democrat State Representative introduced legislation that would put a parent who does not affirm their child’s gender in the same category as child abusers and people who neglect their children, allowing the state to investigate them and potentially take away their children.

In Michigan, legislation disguised as a gay conversion therapy ban would criminalize therapists who refuse to affirm their minor patient’s gender.

The NYC Pride march video went viral on social media, though most people agreed that the pride marchers were saying what they already knew to be true.


One user said that what used to be a conspiracy theory is now being said out loud by left-wing activists and members of the media.

“When did you start to believe your conspiracy theory was correct?” “Well, they just started saying it out loud in front of cameras.” He said.

Another user had similar thoughts, saying “When people tell you who they are and what their motives are, listen to them and believe them.”

Pride parades have become a source of controversy as many people have brought their children to parades boasting sexually explicit events.

Just last week, one viral video depicted children attending a parade at a ‘family-friendly viewing area’ where pride marchers in fetishist outfits walked past.

In a damning admission, YouTube has started to flag pride parades on its site as ‘adult content’, making viewing them age-restricted.

“I actually do not contest their decision because it reinforces my opinion that Pride is NOT for kids.” Said conservative activist Blaire White, who’s video depicting a pride parade was flagged on YouTube.


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