Since 2016, Democrats have been criticizing President Trump for keeping children illegally crossing our southern border in cages. The truth is, during President Obama’s time in office, children were being held in areas with fencing around them to separate them from potential pedophiles and human traffickers, many of whom were not related to the children, but instead, were using them as human passports as they dragged them across the border.

Democrats and open borders activists are strangely silent, however, about the dangers these children from Mexico and South and Central America face every day at the hands of evil people who have no regard for their safety or well being. Such is the case with a baby who was being used as a vessel to transport black tar heroin from Mexico to San Diego.

Yesterday, the California Narcotic Officer’s Association shared these stunning photos of a baby being used to transport heroin across the Mexican border. They also included a shocking statistic about the number of minors being used to smuggle drugs into the U.S. from Mexico.

This is why we do what we do. This baby has heroin wrapped across his body. 118 minors were used to smuggle cannabis, heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine across the San Diego border in 2018.[0]=68.ARD1rbNvOUOReWC6RF-Yt08NOw8o2IgVx_oShyS0I4uOBVnaDYNlUCWWZYp2mG-X8i67Z8PCtpLopdtBMYG0uaXyktBjDKlggvrXHV9ChaaY6Ad0b1V8kVTVp4GZsV1T_B5ZVlxzR0oimvSf_UMsKOWHEFqTHXZw_UncMSAgwVrZCtlsOXTozu2-LFiunUo8xo6D2iXUnjZmNqXC3PEl1Ui4WMfQ4NYqWLAbO6cveg9dK09wuCyRybvsJoNkISVr6FsInjve-nxyfx5xy42vylGe4K_37Ge_MOgCNo9W4OAjqCcAieoEZsUdVqkmPwaWIG7e9CMT0zCon_5GC0ZtBSCDWg&__tn__=-R

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Last week, KTLA reported about a flesh-eating bacteria that’s tied to black tar heroin, the type that according to one follower of the CA Officer’s Narcotics Association Facebook page, is allegedly strapped to the innocent baby’s body.

Seven people in San Diego have died in the last two months from a flesh-eating bacteria associated with black tar heroin use, according to health officials.

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Nine people who injected the drug were admitted to hospitals in San Diego County with severe myonecrosis between October 2 and November 24, the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency announced in a news release Wednesday.

The patients ranged in age from 19 to 57 years old, the statement said. Only two survived.

Myonecrosis is a severe soft tissue infection that destroys the muscle. Symptoms often include severe pain near the injection site, swelling, fever, blisters, and pale skin that changes to dark red or purple.


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