As if dismembering babies in the womb and selling off their body parts wasn’t enough to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the folks at Planned Parenthood are some of the most depraved and twisted individuals on the planet, the country’s largest provider of abortion services calls on Disney to make a princess who has killed her baby in the womb.

Yes, the people at Planned Parenthood want a female cartoon character to brag about murdering her unborn baby on the big screen and for that character to be your daughter’s role model.

According to The Daily Wire:

When the lovely folks over at taxpayer-funded abortion mill Planned Parenthood aren’t snuffing out life and haggling over prices of body parts for the lucrative business, they get “woke” on social media.

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Planned Parenthood Keystone listed off new demands for future Disney princesses, including one who’s had her unborn child killed in the womb.

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“We need a disney (sic) princess who’s had an abortion,” read the post, adding, “We need a disney (sic) princess who’s pro-choice.”

The Planned Parenthood affiliate soon deleted their vile tweet on the matter, but here’s a screenshot of it:

Planned Parenthood actually wants children to think it’s okay to murder other children, all for the sake of convenience. How sick, sad, twisted, and degenerate can an organization get?

The pro-abortion folk claim to be all about feminism and female empowerment, meanwhile they are slaughtering unborn women by the thousands on a daily basis. Wouldn’t empowerment be teaching young ladies to make sound, sensible, responsible decisions, most of which would prevent unwanted pregnancies from the get-go?

We now live in an America where it is acceptable to look our kids in the eye and not flinch as we promote murdering children not much younger than themselves. This is the insanity of liberalism on full display.

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