While most normal, well-adjusted people are spending today with their mothers, the insane career activists on the radical left plan to sabotage religious services celebrating mother’s day.  Even worse, one pro-abortion group plans to burn the Eucharist in front of churches while people are attending mass.

‘Ruth Sent Us’ has gained notoriety over the last week for their aggressive tactics while demonstrating in favor of pro-abortion causes.  The group is angry at the Supreme Court’s draft opinion that will reverse Roe v. Wade and plans to scapegoat religious people.  Never mind that there is a secular argument for not killing innocent children.

The pastor at St. Joe’s Catholic Church in Washington D.C requested the presence of police to protect churchgoers today who are attending Mother’s Day mass.  The pastor said that “No matter which side of an issue a person is on, we should have the right to worship in peace.  We will be respectful to them and hope they are respectful to us”.  Sounds pretty reasonable, right?

Ruth Sent Us responded by threatening to burn the Eucharist while protesting in front of churches.


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Burning the Eucharist would not only be disgusting, it may also be illegal.  In multiple states, disrupting church services with protests is unlawful.  There is also a federal law that makes it illegal to intimidate people who are exercising their first amendment right to free exercise of religion.  The Virginia Attorney General already issued a statement warning demonstrators not to participate in unlawful activity.

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