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Tucker Carlson provided an accurate assessment of the overt anti-white racism in America that goes not only unchecked, but often praised. His comparison to Rwanda’s eventual genocide doesn’t feel that far off when one considers the daily reminders by many prominent media personalities and politicians of the “whiteness” that pervades this country.

So it comes as no surprise that sheltered, entitled, and ignorant professional athletes would share these same anti-white views. For supposedly being oppressed, there is no shortage of self-esteem among leftist blacks. If they truly feared for their lives, it goes without saying that they’d hesitate to make such remarks.

This clip pretty much sums up the lack of fear or concern or interest in seeing white people as human beings:

As far as the athletes, I recently reported that Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey had been traded to the San Francisco 49ers. It’s a blockbuster trade that boosts an already potent Niners offense and thrusts them into immediate Super Bowl contenders. That wasn’t enough for some folks as they just had to insert a derogatory racialized comment:

Outkick wrote:

San Francisco defensive end Drake Jackson is excited that the 49ers traded for “little white boy” Christian McCaffrey.

The 49er shipped off a handful of future NFL Draft picks for the now-former Carolina Panthers running back. Jackson shared his reaction on video and made sure to point out the color of his new teammate’s skin.

“Christin fu-kin’ McCaffrey, we got a little white boy,” Jackson said with excitement.

So that’s awful. If an NHL player got excited about a black teammate joining the roster and said “we got a little black boy” there is simply no telling how many cities would burn down. That player would be released faster than Kamala Harris bailed out BLM rioters in 2020.

It only gets worse. In a separate story, Outkick reported that Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala praised a teammate for rising above his limiting whiteness and becoming one of the few whities who earned a place in the black-dominated NBA. Outkick said:

Earlier this offseason, the Warriors signed Donte DiVincenzo. The former Villanova standout was a starter on the Bucks 2020-21 NBA championship-winning team. Although he did tear a ligament early in the postseason.

He struggled to find his footing last season with the Sacramento Kings, but DiVincenzo’s résumé speaks for itself.

Iguodala, however, seems to only be worried about one thing: DiVincenzo’s skin color.

The NBA veteran wants you to know that DiVincenzo, despite the fact that he is white, is a good player.


“He’s really good. I have this funny thing with white players” Iguodala told The Athletic. “It’s like, ‘Yo, it ain’t too many of y’all that are really good.’ But he’s good. I’m like, ‘You’re one of the white guys that actually belong at a high level.’”

Again, there was no coverage about this and I didn’t even know about it until reading up on McCaffrey. As Tucker Carlson alluded, we are quickly entering Tutsi-Hutu territory.

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