Yesterday, news broke that Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was hospitalized with ‘flu-like symptoms.’

He is responsive to treatments, and some reports say that he could be released from the hospital as soon as tomorrow.

Thomas, who has been subjected to racist and politically motivated attacks from the left and mainstream media throughout his lifetime, was mocked by liberals on Twitter when the news emerged that he had been hospitalized.

One comment from a prominent comedian on Twitter said that he hoped Clarence died and his wife, Ginny Thomas, ‘jumps on his funeral pyre.’

Other comments were more subtle but equally disturbing.  One ESPN contributor said he sure hoped ‘a certain thing happens’ while Thomas was hospitalized.

President Biden campaigned on restoring unity and decency to the country in the 2020 Presidential race.  Since being in office, he and his supporters have been anything but decent, from wishing death on the unvaccinated to prominent conservatives.

The Post Millenial Reports



Following news over the weekend that Supreme Court Justice Thomas was hospitalized Friday with an infection after experiencing flu-like symptoms, deranged blue check marks on Twitter and other unhinged liberals wished harm—to the unconscionable extreme of death—upon the ill 73-year-old on the mend.

Twitter-verified writer Adam Brinklow, whose bylines have appeared in SFGate and San Francisco Magazine, reacted: “I sure hope a certain thing happens.”

Others used similar soft messaging to signal support for Thomas’ downfall.  ESPN Las Vegas contributor Exavier Pope replied to the ABC News article with a GIF of actor Jason Momoa unfolding a spectator chair, which has turned into the “Dis Gon B Gud” memeIf anyone doubts Pope is rooting from the left’s sidelines, he called the pro-medical freedom People’s Convoy “a white supremacist rally.”

“[J]ust logging in to say i hope clarence thomas dies and his wife ginny jumps on his funeral pyre,” wrote New York City-based stand-up comedian Kath Barbadoro.


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