Liberal actor and close friend of Hillary Clinton, Ben Affleck, came out with a statement of disappointment over another one of his close friends, the disgraced sexual predator, and Hollywood kingpin producer, Harvey Weinstein.

After Affleck released his statement of shock over the Weinstein allegations, he was quickly shot down by actress Rose McGowan who claimed he knew all about Harvey Weinstein’s antics, despite his statement of fake outrage and disgust. “YOU LIE” she tweeted in response to Affleck’s comments.

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Her tweet was followed up by a video posted by Hillarie Burton, another Hollywood that showed the time that Ben Affleck grabbed her breasts during a live MTV show interview:

And now this…

An embarrassing video was recently released showing actor Ben Affleck with a TV host on his lap during an interview.  The interview starts with the female host sitting on the lap of and facing Affleck, as he appears to be pulling her into him. When the female host wrests her way forward for the interview, Affleck tells her, “They would like it better if you did the show topless.” After moaning, he then asks her, “You usually show a lot more cleavage than this. What’s the story?” The host giggles nervously and replies, “It’s Sunday morning.” Affleck replies to the female host, “It’s Sunday morning. That never stopped you before… from getting the titties out! Who are you trying to fool?”  Affleck then goes on to discuss the “firmness” of her breasts. And for his finale, Affleck openly mocks people with cerebral palsy, suggesting they are “retards.”

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Harvey Weinstein was also a Hillary superfan, in fact, he helped to raise over $1.8 million for her presidential bid against Donald Trump. What is it that attracted both of these misogynist men who clearly use their positions to treat women like subjects? Is it Hillary’s undying support for her husband Bill, who is also a serial sexual predator and accused rapist that attracted them to her?

Misogynist pig Ben Affleck was so close to Hillary, that he actually was one of the people who was found to be emailing her on her secret private server.

But of course, the mainstream media will never call out these Hollywood hypocrites who attempted to label President Trump a “misogynist” with absolutely no evidence.


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