When local government has this much control over what you can and cannot do in your own private residence, there is a serious problem…

A video has emerged of a great-grandfather climbing up stairs on his hands and knees because he is allegedly not allowed a stairlift.

Gordon Fraser, 73, suffers a neurological condition called torsion dystonia, which limits his movement and speech.

gordon fraser disabled man

He has fallen downstairs three times since he moved in with his daughter in Dundee after the death of his wife in January.

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But despite his family’s request for a stairlift, Dundee City Council has allegedly refused to install one in the home.

The council purportedly decided that a stairlift would be a health and safety hazard because he shares a home with his young grandson.

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Here is the video showing the disabled great grandfather climbing up the stairs:

Gordon’s daughter Lucy, 39, of Craigmore Street in Kirkton, Dundee, Scotland said she had posted the video as a desperate last resort to try to get help for her father.

She said she had been trying for months to get a stairlift installed at the property to enable her father to get up and down the stairs without difficulty. But all her requests had been denied.

Via: Telegraph UK

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