As Democrats continue to ratchet up political persecution against conservatives, Representative Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) and Project Veritas revealed that a woke analyst at the FBI labeled a veteran-ran group a ‘domestic violent extremism’ organization.

The group, called ‘American Contingency’, offers services to people who want to prepare for potential disasters.

They train people in first aid and help them locate sources for essential supplies if they needed them in the case of an emergency situation.

They have donated tens of thousands of dollars to disaster relief and helped people who were struggling to locate resources such as food during hurricanes.

The group was deemed not to be a threat in 2020, but a rogue woke analyst at the FBI put them back on a threat list after the group’s founder, former Green Beret Mike Glover, used his First Amendment rights to speak out against the government.


The Gateway Pundit Reports

Ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) in a letter to FBI Director Wray said a whistleblower came forward and revealed a ‘woke’ analyst labeled American Contingency, a veteran-led group, a “domestic violent extremism” organization.

The veteran-led group was already cleared by the FBI as a ‘non-threat’ in 2020, but the woke analyst decided to target the group again.

Rep. Jordan’s letter referenced Project Veritas’ recent report on the FBI’s ‘domestic terrorism symbols guide’ on ‘militia violent extremists.’

“The whistleblower information suggests that the FBI opened an investigation into an American citizen – and deemed him a potential “threat” — simply because he exercised his First Amendment right to speak out in protest of the government,” Jordan wrote of American Contingency founder Mike Glover.

“Even after the FBI determined in 2020 that American Contingency was not a threat, the FBI still labeled the group as a violent extremist group in an official FBI alert,” the Ohio Republican wrote.

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