Two days ago, on his top-rated Fox News show, Tucker Carlson made a stunning revelation that our media and tech overlords are working tirelessly to silence. Carlson discussed the hundreds of arrests that were made in conjunction with the January 6th incident and postulated that many of the ring leaders were, in fact, FBI agents who spearheaded the push to storm the Capitol Building.

Tucker Carlson, who calls the ring leaders of the Capitol incident ‘unindicted co-conspirators’ per court documents, made the claim that said ring leaders were, in fact, federal agents who played an indispensable role in orchestrating the escalation on January 6th, without which a purely peaceful demonstration would have marked that day. Indeed, as reported in a previous article yesterday, “The latest video to emerge shows the crowd being shown the door into the building as law enforcement officers stood to the side, allowing them to pass by freely. One of the law enforcement officers can be heard telling the protesters, “I disagree with you, but I respect you!” as the group walked unobstructed through the hallway of the Capitol building.”.

Indeed, in the aftermath of the incident, over two thousand criminal charges were levied against a total of 411 individuals. These charges included but were not limited to hundreds of felonies like trespassing with a weapon and assaulting law enforcement.

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Tucker Carlson mentioned that this sinister conspiracy might well be the reason behind the yet unreleased ten THOUSAND hours of video footage from the Capitol and why authorities continue to keep the footage beyond the public domain. He also impressed a sense of skepticism on his viewership as to why the officer who slew Ashli Babbitt was not even named, given the media’s insatiable propensity to not only name police officers but also to reveal their racial identity vis-a-vis their supposed victims whenever it fits the manufactured narrative.

According to Revolver News, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota provided the FBI Director Christopher Wray with questions that were worded to allow him to “uncomfortably weasel his way out of answering the question directly,” including questions that implicitly assumed that there was not any infiltration, to begin with.

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So, how did the dishonest mainstream media respond? The “fact-checkers” and “reporters” at The New York Times, Recode, and NBC have decided to come out with hit pieces on Trump supporters, accusing them of “organizing and attending” the January 6 US Capitol “Insurrection.”

Here’s a screenshot of the top trending story on Twitter this afternoon:

When Twitter wants a story to trend at the top of their propaganda social media site, they simply take a compilation of stories, write a paragraph, include a photo, and then share related stories below. In the case of the “Trump Supporter Insurrection” propaganda, Twitter used words like “Many” of the hundreds of people were “long-time supporters of [p]resident Trump (we’re guessing they used a lower case “p” in front of President Trump’s name to diminish his role as America’s 45th President of the United States. They also note that “fact-checkers” and “reporters,” which is a term that should always be used loosely when referring to people who work for the NYT’s or NBC (think Brian Williams), have identified “Trump supporters” as the people who’ve been arrested for the Capitol incident.

Trump supporters organized and attended the January 6 US Capitol insurrection, according to The New York Times, Recode, and NBC.

Many of the hundreds of people who have been arrested for participating in the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol building were long-time supporters of former President Donald Trump, according to fact-checkers and reporters. Some of the people who participated in the attacks were named as “unindicted co-conspirators” in Capitol riot indictments and according to legal experts, undercover agents cannot be named as unindicted co-conspirators.

This is a clear effort to distract from the real story that Tucker Carlson presented to the American people about the possible involvement of our intelligence agencies in plotting and carrying out the January 6th Capitol incident. Can we wait for these people to have fair trials before we start demonizing them over their support for the former President of the United States? Is it too much to ask of our dishonest media, who can’t be bothered with reporting on Antifa and BLM members who firebomb police vehicles, burn down police stations, loot entire city blocks, or throw Molotov cocktails through windows of federal buildings to wait until these people who’ve been arrested and kept in solitary confinement get a fair trial?

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