Disney is Silent on Leaked Videos Which Show a “Gay Agenda” For Children’s TV

Disney has made lots of bad publicity lately, with employees being arrested for their involvement in human trafficking, including children, and virtue signaling against the popular “Don’t Say Gay” bill, just recently signed into law in Florida. Now, we have more evidence in leaked videos that the “family-friendly” corporation has a woke agenda against kids.

From the Daily Caller:

People in the videos, who Rufo identified as Disney corporate president Karey Burke, executive producer Latoya Raveneau and production coordinator Allen March, reportedly discussed their efforts to promote gay and transgender content, according to the videos.

The woman Rufo identified as Raveneau reportedly said Disney’s leadership was very welcoming of her “not-at-all-secret gay agenda,” according to one of the videos.

Disney’s president and leadership are fully aware of their producers’ gay agenda and, in fact, seem to be on board with it. Coupled with their strong opposition to the anti-grooming Parental Rights in Education bill, there’s little left to the imagination about what precisely Disney’s goals for our youth are.


Karey Burke, the president of the Disney corporation, is more than proud of the “inclusivity” efforts at Disney and wants a staggering 50% of characters to be gay or racial minorities.


Here, Disney’s “diversity and inclusion manager” talks about “removing gendered language” from Disney, banning the use of simple words like “boys” and “girls.” All to cater to the less than 2% of the nation that might identify as neither a boy nor a girl. And it’s safe to say that with Disney’s indoctrination efforts, that percentage among young children could go up.

Disney’s production coordinator explains the “necessity” of reflecting the delusional perception that in order to reflect reality, we need a large portion of lead characters to be gay or trans and that they need to rub it in children’s faces.

Here, a Disney partner explains how the “Don’t Say Gay” bill will lead to gays committing suicide after being “erased,” “criminalized,” and having their kids “taken away.”

Tucker Carlson addresses the leaked videos here, discussing the disgusting grooming/indoctrination efforts at Disney here.

Finally, we have Tucker Carlson interviewing Governor DeSantis on Disney’s war against the state of Florida and the Parental Rights in Education bill.

Disney has, as Governor DeSantis put it, picked an odd hill to die on. And hopefully, die on it they will. Their anti-family agenda cannot be allowed to continue to influence children in such a negative way, and they have no right as a California company to try to change laws in the state of Florida.

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