Is Disney officially admitting they’re in the business of indoctrinating our children to become good little progressives? For anyone who says this book has nothing to do with Disney or their philosophy, Disney Publishing Worldwide’s company overview claims to publish books that are “in support of the franchises”:

Company Overview

Disney Publishing Worldwide, Inc. publishes children’s books, comics, and magazines. The company publishes titles in support of the franchises.

Disney is selling a new “Feminist Baby” children’s book so parents can teach their toddlers to grow up to be “progressive thinkers” who “smash the patriarchy” and believe gender is a social construct.

Loryn Brantz, the author and illustrator behind “Feminist Baby,” told TIME that her 22-page children’s book aims to make children “liberal and progressive thinkers.”

Here’s an example of Brantz’s liberal propaganda: 


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“They’re not going to take away all the nuances and important parts of feminism necessarily, but it’s important just to have it be in their vocabulary and part of their life rather than discovering it when they’re older,” Brantz explained. “It’s so that they’re aware of feminism and see it as a good thing and not a bad thing.”

“They need to grow up with feminism and not be scared of it, and not think that it means they’re going to be overpowered by women someday,” Brantz said. “It just means wanting equality for everyone. It’s not something they think they need to fight when they’re older.”

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Huffington Post – In the comics, Feminist Baby serves as an underage heroine bent on smashing the patriarchy and subverting tired traditions like the “gender reveal.” The panels provide both political commentary (she punches Steve Bannon who is dressed as a Nazi) and silly comic relief. But while they’re aimed at different audiences, both the comics and the book express the same basic message.

“Feminism is for everyone ― including babies!” Brantz says. 

Here are some examples of Brantz’s “feminist baby” cartoons: 

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The publisher for the book is Disney Publishing Worldwide. Disney’s website claims the book is targeted for children the 0-2 age range.

Disney’s description for the book states the “Feminist Baby likes pink and blue. Sometimes she’ll throw up on you! Feminist Baby chooses what to wear and if you don’t like it she doesn’t care!”

The book hit online stores and bookshelves on April 11. According to the Amazon listing for the book, as of the 13th, the book is No. 7 in best sellers for children’s books new baby.

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