No toy guns allowed…what is this world coming to? The light saber is the best toy ever! One serious question I have is if they’re planning on having metal detecters then how in the world do they stop someone who works there? Will it be just like the airports where the employees don’t have to be screened? Why do this if you don’t screen everyone in clouding employees?

Disney is pulling the plug on pretend warfare by banning all toy guns — including ‘Star Wars’ blasters — from their parks.

Mouse honchos weren’t specific on why they upped security measures for Disneyland and Disney World — but it could be a preemptive response as ‘The Force Awakens’ is set to premiere.
Other security additions include metal detectors at park entrances, and a ban on adults wearing costumes or masks.
It’s a bold move for Disney — possibly losing tons of cash in merchandise on shelved blasters, and other toy weapons.
SeaWorld also announced heightened security measures — for anybody still going there.

Via: tmz

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