Are they cowards, or are they simply on board with the Democrat’s plan to fast-track Socialism in America?

It’s hard to know why so many corporations are falling in line with what is clearly an evil, draconian mandate that strips Americans of their God-given freedoms and threatens their ability to feed their families unless they comply.

Instead of standing up to the most oppressive government in American history, weak-kneed corporations, like Nazi soldiers who claimed they had no choice but to round up Jews and place them on boxcars, corporations are giving hard-working and dedicated employees a deadline to get a COVID jab or risk losing everything.

Jews being loaded onto boxcars by obedient Nazis during WWII.

Woke Disney showed their allegiance to Joe Biden’s forced inoculation scheme by firing well-known actor Emilio Estevez from the second season of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

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Deadline reports – The Mighty Ducks franchise will continue without Gordon Bombay. Emilio Estevez, who reprised his role from the 1992 movie and its 1994 and 1996 sequels in Season 1 of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, will not be back for the Disney+ series’ upcoming second season, I have learned.

I hear Disney Television Studios’ ABC Signature, which produces the hockey-themed sequel series, made the decision not to pick up Estevez’s option for Season 2 after weeks of back and forth with his team over the show’s Covid vaccination requirement. Reps for the studio and Estevez declined to comment.

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According to sources, Estevez, through his reps, has declined to provide assurances that he would comply with the policy. With the two sides at an impasse as the Season 2 scripts were being written and the planned early 2022 start of production was looming, I hear the studio made the call to not exercise the actor’s option, and the scripts will be adjusted to continue the story without the character.


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